Hi, i’m Akani

I love photography and digital painting. I’ve been doing portrait and commercial photography for almost 8 years now and i enjoyed the time i spent helping small bussiness sell their products. But you know as an artist you need to find yourself, your voice, your message to the world. In that purpose, i focused my energy trying as much as i can to experiment and explore the unkown and i think that i’m almost there. My work is multi-medium that is to say i photograph, then i paint over it or even sometimes illustrate. My canvases, full of colors and textures explores most of the time abstraction. Ever since i was a teenager i have been fascinated by how art can convey emotions and help people focus on their inner self. Some of my inspirations are Cy Twombly, Georges Condo, Albert Watson, Willem De Kooning. Here are my socials just in case you want to support or discover more of my artwoks : Twitter Opensea