Stake pool informations

Fetri Pool

Ticker FETRI
Pool Margin 1%
Cost per Epoch 340 Ada
Pledge 480 Ada
ID b00248b73456dfe66470efc760369e72817a60598bb8170d06897744

Fetri pool is a cardano staking pool that aimes to bring awareness to Kidney failures disease. Most people don’t know how important their kidneys are and how to take care of them. We want to help people understand more about it and share ill people day to day struggles and stories.

10% of our earnings will be donated to an non profit Kidney Foundation.

we want to :

  • Educate the public to reduce their risk
  • Support and bring positive change for kidney patients, organs donors and families in their fight against the disease

Our second mission is to build a creative hub for artist based in africa. It will be a place where artist can exchange about their expériences and share their respectives knowledges.

There is is no « us » without « you »

As a staking pool our goal is to validate transactions and mint blocks. The more blocks we mint, the more rewards we get. In order to do so we need to have as much as delegators as possible. You can help us reach our goals by simply delegating your stake of Ada to our staking pool or invite your friend to delegate to us.

How to delegate to us ?

When you start, delegating your ADA seems to be complicated but it is not. The process depends of your wallet but bassicaly you just need to find the pool’s ID (ours is b00248b73456dfe66470efc760369e72817a60598bb8170d06897744) of the pool in which you want to delegate to, then you fill the field reserve for that, you pay the staking fee (2,18 ADA) and you are done !

When you delegate to a pool your funds never leave your wallet and you are free to do whatever you want to do (withdraw, receive etc.). All your rewards are auto-coupounded and added to your initial stake so you can maximize on your rewards over the time. After your delegation you are going to start receiving rewards 5 Epochs later (25 days : 20 days for your stake to be approved and another 5 days for the first cycle to complete in order to receive rewards).

In case you have any interrogations our FAQ is here to help you understand more.