Fetri Pool

I am passionate about art, i created a stake pool
to support my passion and using my art & pool to support kidney failure

A Pool that serves a purpose

Fetri pool is a cardano staking pool that aimes to bring awareness to Kidney failures disease. We want to help people understand more about its and share ill people day to day struggles and stories. 10% of our earnings will be donated to an non profit Kidney Foundation...

A creative SPO

This pool is run by Akani, who is a professional portrait photographer based in Paris. He's been mastering his craft since 2012, and recentely decided to make his Genesis NFT outcome...


I present you the "DJIN Collection" which is a collecition of digital artworks. Each NFT piece is uniquely crafted in photoshop. I'm a huge fan of african mask so i've decided to include some of them in this body of work. This project is not centered around a particular subject but it reflects certain part of my personality and the things that i like the most.

What we do

Our role as a stake pool is be in charge of transactions and to mint blocks. So by delegating your ADA to our pool, you help in the growth of Cardano's network and in return you receive rewards. You are not only helping in the growth of Defi but also giving us a hand so we can support and bring positive change for kidney patients, organs donors and families in their fight against the disease


2 x 160GB SSD hardrives so we can run the pool comftably without having any troubles with our nodes.


2 x 8 GO Phasellus convallis elit id ullam corper amet et pulvinar. Duis aliquam turpis mauris, sed ultricies erat dapibus.


Our servers are equiped with two 4vCores processors for a high performance of the pool.

Serurity first

Security and maintenance is our top priority so our pool will be upgaded if the network requires it.

Fetri Pool

Ticker FETRI
Pool Margin 1%
Cost per Epoch 340 Ada
Pledge 480 Ada
ID b00248b73456dfe66470efc760369e72817a60598bb8170d06897744

Get in touch

If you have any enquiries don't hesitate so send me a message or reach out to me on twitter.